Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hand And Cloud - As A Symbol

We have probably all seen the picture of a Hand emerging from a
Cloud in the Sky. The first thing that probably came to our minds
upon seeing this picture was, "what could this picture possibly

"With that question in mind, let's take a look at the Symbolism and
Metaphor contained within "The Hand Emerging From A Cloud".
Within this picture we have three distinct Symbols: The Sky, The
Cloud and The Hand.

The Sky Symbolizes Eternity: the Infinite, Unchanging, and Eternal
Consciousness. The Sky is the Spiritual Backdrop which represents
the Realm of Divinity. Whatever passes across the backdrop of The
Sky represents the Cycles, rhythms, and Events that occur
throughout Eternity.

The Cloud Symbolizes movement. It also Symbolizes short-lived,
changeable Events.

How many of us have lain on the grass on a sunny summer day,
gazed up at The Sky and observed one lone cloud floating across it?
This one lone cloud is normally a small puffy white cloud that
changes shape as it Travels across The Sky until it is no longer the
same shape as when we first noticed it. Eventually, this one lone
cloud completes its journey across The Sky and vanishes. This one
lone cloud Symbolizes a short-lived, changeable Event occurring
within Eternity, and against the backdrop of the Eternal Sky.

The Hand is the Right Hand of Divinity. Symbolically, the Right
Hand indicates the act of Bestowing (Giving) and the Left Hand
indicates the act of Accepting (Receiving).

The Hand that is emerging from The Cloud is the Right Hand of
Divinity and it is in the process of Bestowing a Divine Gift.

Now that we understand the Symbolism we can then Interpret the
Metaphor contained within the picture of "The Hand Emerging From
A Cloud".

Throughout Eternity, Divinity is forever bestowing Blessings and
opportunities upon us. These Blessings and opportunities are
short-lived and subject to Change. Although these Blessings and
opportunities are available to all, they are only recognized, accepted,
and acted upon by a few. It is up to each one of us to recognize these
opportunities and Blessings when they are presented to us, accept
them as the Spiritual Gifts that they are, and act upon them before
they Change or vanish.

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