Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nakedness and Nudity in Symbolism and Mythology

The bare Truth; The naked Truth; Nothing to hide; What are
you covering up?; Reveal yourself; The Truth has been exposed.

Naked! It is the way we come into this world. Pure...innocent...
sincere...uninhibited...vulnerable...we have nothing to hide.
We enter our Current Incarnation as a spiritually gifted but
materialistically naive Traveler who is full of excitement, curiosity
and joy.

At the moment we enter this material realm our only Memories are
those of the peaceful and calm Garden of Eden we just departed.
We are devoid of, and unaware of, all of the false trappings, bindings,
expectations and obligations that a materialistic society is all too
anxious to drape upon us.

Then, slowly and methodically, society distances us from the realm
of pure spirit in order to bind and cover us with all of the woes of the
material realm.

This entrance of ours into the world of materialism serves as an
excellent metaphor for nakedness and nudity in Symbolism,
artwork, and mythology. For nakedness and nudity are Symbolic
of purity, innocence, freedom, Truth, Wisdom and Harmony;
which, when we come to think about it, are all really one and the
same virtue.

As nakedness and nudity are a Symbolic reflection of "what is
true", or "what is revealed", they are portrayed as a feminine
aspect of nature.

With these thoughts in mind, let us now explore the Symbolism
of nakedness and nudity.

When we view artwork or read mythological tales of Paradise, we
find that nakedness is the "fashion of the day" in this nostalgic,
innocent and beckoning realm. For Paradise reminds us of the
Golden Age when mankind lived in Harmony with all of Nature
and the burden of clothing was unnecessary.

When we contemplate Paradise, our Thoughts are lifted to the
purity and refinement of higher consciousness. We wistfully
ascend to a realm of integrity, openness, simplicity and plenitude.
In this realm, where all of our needs are provided for, we are
clothed only by pure air...the Aether...the Divine life force...
eternal Truth. Paradisaical nakedness is Symbolic of unconfined
and uninhibited Freedom. For, as clothing represents "something
to hide", "restrictiveness" or the "wear and tear" associated with
temporal Time, we have no need for it in the realm of Paradise.

When we encounter an image of a naked figure floating freely
above the ground, this is a reminder that while Truth and Harmony
make themselves available to all of us here on earth they are not
material essences, but Divine Principles, which transcend the
worldly and mundane.

Truth, Harmony, and all of the other virtues associated with
Symbolic nakedness belong to the eternal spiritual realm and
are willingly bestowed upon all of us in the material realm who
wish to include them in our lives. In this instance, nakedness
also Symbolizes the higher mind, the uncluttered mind, the
unbiased mind, the Unattached Observer and the enlightened
mind which sees things as they truly are.

This same image of a naked figure floating above the ground
is also a Symbol for ascension. To ascend is to achieve
enlightenment; to rise above and beyond the earthly plane.
Ascension occurs when we finally cast off all of the earthly
clothing - the bondages of materialism and the
trappings of illusion - which has been heaped upon us. It is the
sublime moment when our spirit purely, innocently and nakedly
returns to the Paradisaical Unity from whence it originally came.

Partial nudity is a Symbolic way to express the Esoteric. It tells
us that there are still hidden and secret teachings contained
within that which has already been revealed. It represents the
timeless Lessons which lie behind the Idol, curtain, or Veil.
It is the Wisdom behind the parable, metaphor or myth. It is
the hidden Truth contained behind an image or story; a Truth
which can only be recognized by the worthy and well-qualified

Society, through its many organizations and factions, makes a
great effort to Indoctrinate the masses to clothe themselves in
masks, costumes, garments, attitudes, behaviors and makeups
of all sorts in order to either conform, appease or deceive. And
the result for so many people is that they have completely
forgotten who they truly are and their life is nothing but one big

For it is not our clothing - our physical wrappings or pretty
packaging - that determines who we truly are; it is our true
nakedness, our Inner Beauty, which lies beneath our outer
trappings that determines our spiritual worth.

To be Symbolically naked is to be free from Sin. It is to be
free from the Guilt, Threats and Obligations heaped upon us
by society. It is to be free from false Indoctrinations. It is the
discarding of the constrictive trappings of fickle man-made
demands so that we can freely bask within, and openly
absorb, the unrestrictive and uncontaminated purity of
Divine Light and Divine Law.

For, while corruption. lies, treachery and deception operate
beneath multiple layers of cover in the dark - fearful of showing
themselves - Truth walks naked in the light, showing itself to all
who are prepared to gaze directly upon it.

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