Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cycles Of Eternity

"Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel"
-"The Windmills Of Your Mind", Lyrics

Symbolically, the ever-repeating Cycles Of Eternity is represented
by the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a serpent in the shape of a
Circle that is devouring its own tail. As the serpent continues to
devour itself, the size of its Circle spirals into smaller and smaller
Circles. Once the serpent completely devours itself, that particular
Cycle (Circle) is ended and a new Cycle is ready to begin.

Good times begin and good times end...Difficult times begin and
difficult times end...Civilizations begin and civilizations end...
Cycles are the Normal Rhythms of the Universe.

Cycles can be infinitesimally short, infinitely long, or somewhere
in-between. We have daily Cycles (as the earth rotates on its axis),
monthly (lunar) Cycles and annual (solar) Cycles, just to name a few.
But, above all, we have Cycles within Cycles (wheels within wheels)
as alluded to in the lyrics above and described in Ezekiel's Wheel.

What is happening today will ultimately come to an end and be
replaced by another Cycle within the Wheel of Eternity. When the
Ferris Wheel reaches its peak, it must descend. When Time is up,
Change is imminent!

When we read the histories of ancient civilizations such as Assyria,
Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Sumeria we find mention of wealthy
families and kings that ruled these great and powerful civilizations.
Today, not only have these wealthy families vanished, but so have
their great and powerful civilizations. They have vanished so
completely that we can barely find traces of their ruined structures.
All things created by man come to an end!

The Tarot teaches us about Cycles by way of two cards:
"The Wheel of Fortune" and "The Tower".

"The Wheel of Fortune" represents the Cycles of Eternity that
are forever spinning. It is also the 10th card of the Major Arcana.
The number 10 represents completion and tells us that when one
Cycle ends a new Cycle begins.

"The Tower" teaches us that all material things come to an end.
Destruction of the old is necessary for the Creation of the new.
This is the way of the Universe.

"The Tower" portrays a castle built on a solid mountain-top that is
struck by Lightening. The castle is in flames, the king is thrown from
one of its windows, and his crown has fallen from his head.

"The Tower" symbolizes that no matter how strong the structure
and how solid its foundation, the Lightening Bolt of Eternity will one
day bring it to an end. The once "revered" and pompous king is
separated from his crown of "symbolic rulership" to rule no more.
This king, like all vanished kings and civilizations, has built his
physical structures, and man-made laws, on the ever-turning Axle
of Eternity only to be eventually overthrown by Destiny. For
physical structures, and man-made laws, can never endure the
never-ending Cyclical Changes of Time.

There is nothing wrong with acquiring Abundance and comforts.
It is our right to acquire, and enjoy, these pleasures. But Abundance
and comforts must be coupled with Peace of Mind and Contentment
of Spirit in order for us to experience happiness and serenity
during our Personal Cycle of Life within the Great Spinning Wheel
of Eternity.

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