Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prime Directive

"No Star Fleet personnel may interfere with the
healthy development of alien life and culture."
-Star Trek Prime Directive

Each one of us is a single organism experiencing a unique Incarnation
in the material world. During our Incarnation we interact with other
similar organisms that eventually form our city, state, nation and
world. The world we live in is the Race (the Species) of which we
are a part. The Species we are a part of is referred to as Human.

Each inhabited planet, realm and dimension has its own Species.
Some Species are superior to, and some Species are inferior to, each
other. Different Species develop (evolve) at different speeds, and at
different Times. This is the Natural Scheme of the Universe.

For one advanced Species to interfere with the natural development
of a less advanced Species disturbs, and confuses, the natural
evolution of the less advanced Species. This is an Ancient Truth
which was understood and passed down since the most remote
rememberings of our Ancient forefathers.

This Principle was the basis of the Ancient Mystery Schools:
non-interference with the masses in general; yet readily available to
Instruct the well-qualified and Spiritually Advanced Initiate.

The evolution of a Species is similar to the evolution of the Chakras
as we progress from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra: where
the Root Chakra represents basic earthly survival and the Crown
Chakra represents Spiritual Transcendence.

As advanced as our Species currently presumes itself to be, its
evolution still resides, symbolically, in the realm of the lower

This is due to the fact that the current political philosophy of our
Species is based upon warfare, governance backed by weapons, and
suppression in all its forms.

It is easy for us to blame our political "representatives" for the fact
that we are still languishing in the lower regions of the evolutionary
scale. However, it is the citizenry that votes in, and thereby allows,
this form of governance. This, in itself, is a testimonial as to where
the majority of the organisms of our Species have evolved to in our
current Evolutionary Progression.

As the majority of organisms, which represent our Species, evolve
to a higher mental and Spiritual plane, we will select representatives
that are aligned with those higher realms of evolution.

Representation is a result of, and not a cause of, Evolution.

To give an example of a highly advanced Species interfering with
our evolutionary development, let us use the following example:
Should a highly advanced Species choose to share superior
technology and knowledge with our Species, their well-intentioned
gift would meet with disaster: something which the higher evolved
Species fully understands.

Although a minority of our Species would be excited, and eager,
in using the advanced technology and knowledge for the common
good, the political representatives, voted in (and thereby supported)
by the vast majority of our populations, would take by force these
advanced technologies and knowledge to use for the purposes of
warfare and suppression.

The highly advanced Species in all realms and dimensions under-
stand this Truth and this is why they Choose not to interact with
our Species during this current period of our evolution. To do so
would be to "interfere with the healthy (natural) development
of alien life and culture". To do so would be a violation of the
Universal Prime Directive.

However, although these Superior Beings avoid interacting with
our Species on a massive scale, this does not preclude them from
interacting with the more Spiritually Advanced Individuals of our
Species on a personal scale.

To these Spiritually Advanced Individuals, these Seekers of Truth
and Wisdom, Superior Beings appear as Angels, Spirits and Guides.
They stand ready and willing to provide us with the Guidance and
Wisdom we seek in order to attain the Divine Gifts of Spiritual
Advancement and Transcendence.

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