Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Instant rejection followed by immediate ridicule
is a sign of Ignorance."


"The greatest disgrace is to be ignorant of being ignorant."
- Pythagoras

There are two types of Ignorance: Simple and Inherent.

Simple Ignorance: Simple Ignorance is a product of not under-
standing something that is unfamiliar to us. Simple Ignorance
is easily cured by studying and Learning whatever it is that we
currently do not understand.

An example of Simple Ignorance: Prior to entering Grade School,
we know that there is an alphabet, numbers, the ability to read,
and the ability to count. However, we are not able to read or count
because we have not been taught how to use letters and numbers.
Once we enter Grade School we are taught how to use letters and
numbers and thereby learn how to read and count. At this point
our Ignorance of reading and counting is overcome.

Each time we Choose to Learn and understand something new we
conquer our Ignorance in that subject through our desire and
determination to Learn.

Inherent Ignorance: Inherent Ignorance is the complete
opposite of Simple Ignorance. It is this Ignorance that is referred
to in the above quotation. Inherent Ignorance is what causes people
to react with denial and resistance to Thoughts and ideas that are
revolutionary and new. Thoughts and ideas that are a threat to the
way they wish to understand something.

Whereas Simple Ignorance is conquered by the desire and
determination to Learn something new, Inherent Ignorance is the
refusal to understand, or acknowledge, a Thought or idea that is in
conflict with the way someone wants to think about a particular

Inherent Ignorance can easily be recognized by "instant rejection
followed by the immediate ridicule"
of a thought or idea that
conflicts with someone's ingrained Belief system.

Inherent Ignorance surrounds us in abundance. It is the product of
a "closed mind". Inherent Ignorance is that ingrained conditioning,
and Indoctrination, which causes factions, organizations, and
individuals to attempt to discredit new and unique Thoughts, ideas,
and innovations.

Inherent Ignorance generally takes the form of these kind of
statements: "I refuse to believe that! What makes you think that
everyone else is wrong but you are right?", or, "That's ridiculous!
How can you even suggest such a thing?".

We hear these types of statements very often in the news media
when one faction is attempting to discredit the ideas of a Lone
Innovator or Independent Thinker.

We also hear these kinds of comments from friends and relatives
when they have no intention of entertaining any Thought or idea
that is not sanctioned by "the crowd" with which they associate

In order to understand something, a person must first want to
understand. Persons who Choose to be Inherently Ignorant have
no desire, or intention, to understand or acknowledge something
that is outside their ingrained belief system.

One of the most precious assets of the True Seeker is the ability
to recognize Inherent Ignorance, thereby avoiding those whose
behaviors are not Harmonious with the Seeker's Path.

The True Seeker, when confronted with persons or factions that
are Inherently Ignorant, immediately and politely gives them a
wide berth. For the True Seeker's primary interest is to expand his,
or her, Spiritual Horizon and these individuals and factions are a
hindrance to the Seeker's Spiritual Growth.

The Seeker of Truth and Wisdom understands that New and
Creative Ideas stimulate our minds, thereby allowing us to Travel
new Paths. New Paths allow us to experience new Adventures.
New Adventures enable us to grow both mentally and spiritually.
Mental and Spiritual Growth enables us to distance ourselves
from the world of the mundane. As we distance ourselves from
the world of the mundane we approach the Realm of Spirit
where Peace, Harmony and Contentment reside.

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T4Tree said...

Joe - I found your blog today when enquirer get about the silence of an initiate.....and I've kept reading your blogs all day. From one seeker to another....thank you for sharing and I wish you well on your journey.