Friday, April 3, 2009

Water - Symbol and Mythology

All creation myths begin with Water. These creation myths tell
of how the Breath of Spirit blew over the Great Waters giving
birth to all of creation. The Breath of Spirit represents the the
masculine Seed of the Eternal Mind which impregnates the
feminine Waters of the Great Subconscious Womb in the initial
act of Spiritual Creation.

Symbolically, Water represents all that lies below the surface:
Water represents Our Subconscious. Our Subconscious is the
limitless creative ocean of our Divine Nature which has direct access
to The Great Subconsciousness of Creation.

Water is the realm of feelings, dreams, imagination, and intuition.
It is the realm of Spiritual and Mental Creation at the most subtle,
sensitive and sentient level. The Great Ocean of Our Subconscious
is where all the elements of creation, everything that is and ever
will be, already exist in their un-manifested form awaiting the
"Seed of Thought" to impregnate them.

Once the Subconscious is impregnated by the "Seed of Thought",
the Waters of the Subconscious then protect, nourish and nurture
this new creation until it is ready for manifestation in the physical

We can picture the element of Water (Our Subconscious) as a
great ocean. When we look upon this great ocean we can only see
its surface. However, below the surface of this great ocean exists
all the mysteries and unknowns that lie deep below the surface.
The deep recesses of this great ocean represent the deep recesses
of Our Subconscious.

It is in these deep recesses that all current unknowns and mysteries
exist in their un-manifested forms. The fact that we cannot currently
"see" these mysteries and unknowns does not alter the fact that they
do currently exist, un-manifested, deep below the surface.

Once we discover, and then pull, an unknown from the depths of
these great Waters of Our Subconscious it is no longer an unknown.
In the same manner, once we discover and pull a mystery from the
depths of these great Waters of Our Subconscious it is no longer a
mystery; it then becomes a Truth, a fact, a reality.

This is the Symbolism of the element of Water: Within the depths of
Our Subconscious lie the mysteries and unknowns of today that are
awaiting our discovery so that we can make them the realities,
manifestations and creations of tomorrow.

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1 comment:

Cassandra said...

This is beautiful and right on. I have been painting a collection of water creatures and your article sums up exactly what I have been attempting to express in my visual art symbolism! So happy to have found your blog! Thank you!