Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Egyptian Neter
(God And Goddess Symbolism)

"Nature never breaks her own laws."
- Leonardo da Vinci

The Egyptian Neter is depicted in two ways. One way is that of
a male or female figure having the head of an animal. The second
way is by depicting a male or female figure with a Symbol above
their head. the Symbol can be a Star, Scorpion, Crossed Arrows,
Feather, etc. Neters are generally described as Egyptian gods and
goddesses. However, Neters actually represent Divine Principles,
Spiritual Principles, or Aspects of Nature such as Forces of Nature,
Attributes of Creation, Primary Causes, Abstract Concepts and
Universal Laws.

Neters are Symbolic Archetypes which represent the unchangeable
and permanent aspects of Nature. They are the Cosmic Principles
that exist outside the realm of Time.

If the Neter is depicting a female Principle of Nature it will have
a woman's body. If the Neter is depicting a male Principle of Nature
it will have a man's body. Feminine principles are passive, receptive,
intuitive, and subconscious. Masculine principles are assertive,
bestowing, logical, and conscious. Some examples of Divine
Principles are: Truth, Justice, Order, and Harmony.

As Symbolic representatives of Divine Principles the Neters are
non-judgmental; they represent Universal Laws that simply ARE.
Something is either True or it is not True. Something is either in
Harmony or it is not in Harmony. There are no "Yeah, buts..."
where Neters and Divine Principles are involved.

To give an example of a Neter on the material plane, let us consider
the Principle of Gravity. Gravity will cause something to fall to earth
regardless of what it is that is falling. The object will fall whether it is
a rock or a person. Gravity does not decide what will fall and what
will not fall. Gravity does not say, "Its only a rock, that's ok" or
"Yeah, but its a person and I can't let that person fall off the cliff".
Gravity is gravity; all things will fall in accordance with Gravity's
Universal Law.

On the material realm our laws and decisions are confused and
corrupted with "Yeah buts..."such as: "Yeah, but my parents
abused me"...Yeah, but it was only a joke"..."Yeah, but my
judgment was clouded"..."Yeah, but I really didn't mean it".

However, unlike the material realm, there are no "Yeah, buts..."
when it comes to the Neters and Their Divine Principles.
In the Spiritual Realm we are responsible for our Actions.
We either enjoy the rewards, or suffer the punishments, of our

When a Neter tells us that disobeying them will be met with
"calamity" it means that we will suffer the fate, or Karma, of our
action if it is not in Harmony with Divine Law. These warnings have
often been interpreted as "curses" when, in reality, the warning is a
reminder that Divine Law (and Laws of Nature), when broken or
ignored, will result in the "sky falling upon us".

We are all familiar with Spiritual Laws. Each one of us has the
Free Will to either live in accordance with, or ignore, Spiritual Laws.
The fact that we can "cheat" a confused justice system on the
physical plane does not absolve us from facing the responsibility
of our Actions in the Justice System of the Spiritual Plane.

How we choose to honor, or dishonor, Divine Principles determines
the person we will Become, and who we will associate ourselves
with, during our earthly journey. It determines the Simplicity,
or Difficulty, of our lives. Our Choices and Actions are our sole
responsibilities and the Neters will always be there to either
reward our Choices or cause the "sky to fall upon us".

(See also: "Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings")

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