Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ladder - Symbol of Ascension

Symbolically, The Ladder is a connection between the world of
matter below with the domain of Spirit above. It symbolizes the
spiritual stairway which enables a Seeker or Initiate to ascend to
higher realms of consciousness in the Quest for Spiritual

The Ladder, which is rich in Symbolism and Metaphor, consists
of Horizontal Rungs and two Vertical Uprights. The Horizontal
rungs represent progressively higher levels of consciousness
and the two Vertical Uprights, (I I), represent the symbol for

The horizontal rungs remind us that our spiritual journey is
upward, and the vertical uprights remind us that our upward
journey occurs within the realm of duality.

As The Ladder has no moving parts, it symbolizes ascension
by way of personal Desire and Effort. The Ladder also reminds us
that reaching the highest realms of consciousness is not a short,
swift journey. Each rung represents a gradual ascent whereby
Wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment and perfection are earned
by us one step at a time. However, we must also keep in mind
that no journey is without its rests and pauses. Therefore,
whenever we require a respite during our spiritual ascent, the
rungs of The Ladder provide us with the support and strength we
need until we are ready to take our next step upward.

In addition, The Symbol of the Ladder also reminds us that our
upward ascent, from the bottom-most rung to the upper-most rung,
is a journey through the realm of duality. Before we can step up
to the next higher rung on The Ladder we must first experience and
master the Lessons of duality which exist at our current level of

As we steadfastly ascend the rungs of The Ladder we slowly elevate
ourselves, higher and higher, above the lower plane of the superficial
and mundane. Upon reaching the higher rungs of The Ladder, we
begin to breathe in the rarefied air of Higher Consciousness. It is at
these higher levels of consciousness that the mysteries of Eternity
slowly begin to un-veil their secrets to us.

When we reach the top-most rung of The Ladder we enter the
realm of highest consciousness. We have now left the frustrations,
confusions and restraints of the material world well below us and
are now finally able to enjoy the purified realm of angels, higher
spirits, and Divinity. Through our personal Desire and Effort we
have Transcended Duality and achieved entrance into the Infinite
Domain of Enlightenment and Unity.

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