Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Call To Adventure

"Still round the corner there may wait,
a new road or a secret gate."

- "The Hobbit", J.R.R. Tolkien

Tap...Tap...Tap...There's a knock on my door. I look out my
window and see a Stranger wearing the robes of a traveller.
He is standing on my doorstep and leaning on his walking stick.
He has all the features of an experienced traveller. Although
curious as to who this person is I decide to ignore the Stranger's
Tap...Tap...Tap...His knock is now louder. Who is this persistent
Vagabond that is so determined to disturb my peace and comfort?
I decide to answer the knock and send this Intruder on his way.
I open the door and face the Stranger. His face is a story of many
experiences and adventures. His piercing blue eyes project power,
determination and sincerity.
Before I can speak the Stranger takes command.
STRANGER: I have come a long way to find you.
SEEKER: I'm in the phone book. All you had to do is pick up
a telephone. (The Stranger's gaze does not waver and my attempt
at humor is met by his intense, steady gaze.)
STRANGER: There is a Great Task that must be accomplished
and it can only be entrusted to you.
SEEKER: Aren't you being a little dramatic? I'm sure that if
you knock on enough doors you will find someone else willing
to take on this "task". Now, if you don't mind, I'm going back
to my hot chocolate and my book.
STRANGER: ( His eye's unwavering and his voice stronger)
This is a task that can only be entrusted to YOU!
SEEKER: (Still wondering how to dislodge this Stranger from my
doorstep) What IS this "task" of which you speak? (Now I'm
beginning to sound a little like the Stranger.)
STRANGER: A Great Darkness approaches. Soon it will cover
your entire world. Should this happen, life as you know it will
no longer exist. You cannot allow this to happen. Only YOU can
defeat The Great Darkness!
SEEKER: Really! And just how do you expect me to accomplish
this task?
STRANGER: (Gently) You are more capable than you know.
You will find a way.
SEEKER: Will you accompany me throughout this task?
STRANGER: Only part way. I will show you the Path you
must follow. This Path is long and difficult. This Path leads to
your Great Task. Only by accomplishing your Great Task,
ALONE, can you save your world.
SEEKER: I don't know anything about saving worlds. Do you
have an instruction manual? What kind of help will I receive?
STRANGER: You will meet Guides along the way. They will
teach you everything you need to learn.
SEEKER: And they will accompany me to the end of my task?
STRANGER: No. They will instruct you. You must complete
your Great Task alone.
SEEKER: Can you guarantee that I Will succeed at this Great
STRANGER: No. You MAY fail.
SEEKER: What kinds of comforts will I have along this Path?
STRANGER: You will earn great new friendships and acquire
Sacred Wisdom.
SEEKER: Can you guarantee my safety?
STRANGER: No. You will experience much danger and meet
many enemies.
SEEKER: Will these enemies try to harm me?
STRANGER: Many will try to KILL you.
SEEKER: Let me see if I have this all straight. You are asking
me to go on this Great Task alone. I'm also expected to endure
great hardships. You can neither guarantee my success nor my
safety. This does not sound like a very good deal. What,
IF ANYTHING, can you guarantee me?
STRANGER: (With a flicker in his eyes and a soft smile)
I guarantee you The Adventure Of A Lifetime!
SEEKER: (After a lengthy, thoughtful pause)...I accept!

...NEXT: "The Call To Adventure Explained, Part 2"

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Joseph Panek said...

Yes. I have read Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces. A great book!
Also, along the same lines, I would suggest Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card
as this book goes into additional details of what is in Joseph Campbell's book
Thank you for the comment,