Monday, March 23, 2009

Independent Thought

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost

"To find yourself, think for yourself."
- Socrates

If we Think, Act, and Believe as everyone else does, what makes us

The Truth is, if we allow ourselves to be governed by the
expectations and dogmas of outside influences we are not special.
We are simply a part of a group, a crowd, or a faction which dictates
to us how we are expected to Think, Act, and Believe.

We merely need to comply and we are instantly accepted into
The Crowd...any crowd. There is no effort required on our part.
By simply conforming to the expectations of the crowd we are
immediately accepted into that crowd and presented with the
Illusion of being important. We relinquish our Individual
Sovereignty for group acceptance. For many persons, this is
quite alright.

We also become part of The Crowd when we allow our Thoughts,
Actions, and Beliefs to be governed by a news media which is
constantly bombarding us with its own special, self-serving,
brand of "information".

Any time we are Thinking, Acting, or Believing the same way as
"everyone else" we cease being unique and special. We cast aside
our Divine Gift of Independent Thought.

The Independent Thinker does not subject himself, or herself, to
mob Indoctrination. Nor does the Independent Thinker succumb
to the by-laws, rules, regulations, and Compromises which shackle,
stagnate, and numb the minds of the masses.

The Independent Thinker is a Lone Traveler on the Road that leads
to new ideas, concepts, innovations, experiences, and Adventures.

The Independent Thinker operates outside the boundaries of group
thinking and is a Trailblazer, a visionary, and a dreamer. The
Independent Thinker is the Lone Wolf that starts the wheels of
Change and innovation into motion.

Independent Thinkers suffer the brunt of ridicule, criticism, and
discreditment only to be eventually proven correct, and worshipped
as heroes, once their ideas and innovations are accepted by the
mainstream of society. It is the Independent Thinker who is the
David that smites the Goliath of mass stagnation and eventually
improves a business, a life style, a society, a nation and a world.

Our ancestors, we ourselves, and our posterity, owe everything we
enjoy, have enjoyed, and will enjoy to the Foresight and Awareness
of the Independent Thinker.

Each one of us is bestowed with the Divine Gift of Independent
Thinking. However, until we Choose to use our Free Will to
experience this Divine Gift it will lie dormant within us.

To embrace Independent Thought is to travel the "road less
traveled". We will not "enjoy" the company of groups and crowds
along this Less Traveled Way. But in the end we will enjoy the
peace and contentment that comes with knowing that we are truly
the Master of our physical, mental, and Spiritual Domains.

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