Sunday, August 23, 2009


"Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel."

The word "passion" can arouse many different Thoughts and feelings
within us.

Some people may associate Passion with lust, greed, jealousy,
vengeance or wrath. Others may associate Passion with an
obsession to obtain something, or someone, regardless of the cost
to themselves. And yet another group of individuals may associate
Passion as an extreme desire to "show off"; to have something, or
someone, which is newer, more attractive or more expensive than
what their friends, neighbors or associates possess.

These are some of the destructive, materialistic and ego-based
aspects of Negative Passion.

However, we live in a realm of duality. Therefore, just as Passion
has a negative, destructive and materialistic extreme, it also has a
constructive, creative and spiritual side. This is the side on which
the Divine Principle of Positive Passion resides.

Negative Passion is a forceful, ego-driven emotion which
overpowers our reasoning. It is the alluring Siren, temptress and
seductress that charms and bewitches us with material delights only
to leave us standing naked, alone and exhausted upon the battlefield
of pride.

Negative Passion is a fire that flares up and burns out quickly within
us. It is like the evening campfire whose cold morning ashes are but
a brief reminder of the bright enchanting flames of the night before.

When it is all over and Negative Passion has consumed itself within
us we end up muttering to ourselves, "what did I do?", "what was I
thinking?" and "boy, was that ever a mistake!", as we look back at
the destruction which lies in our wake.

Positive Passion, on the other hand, is like a slow-burning ember
whose gentle glow and warmth lingers within us. It is a Burning
Desire to Become, to Learn, to create. It enriches our Character
and broadens our Horizons.

Our Positive Passions, our Burning Desires, are those special
"somethings" which consume our dreams; they are the hobbies,
interests and fascinations which absorb our free time and are
in Harmony with our Divine Nature.

Whether it be astronomy, archaeology, gardening, other languages,
or any one of a multitude of other subjects, Positive Passions are
those "things" in which we have a deep interest; they are the
"things" we truly enjoy.

Positive Passions add excitement to our life, enhance our character
and are the source of the unconscious contributions we provide to
those who are closely associated with us.

As long as we reside in the realm of duality we will be confronted
by the many faces of Passion. It is up to us to recognize Negative
Passion for what it is, give it a gentle smile, and send it on its way.

Once we have banished the Siren of Negative Passion from our
lives we are then free to bask in the warm gentle embers of Positive
Passion; the embers which provide us with the bliss we Seek as we
Travel down our personal Path in this world of duality.

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