Monday, January 26, 2009

Spiritual Passion

"Passion: a strong barely controllable emotion"
-Oxford Pocket American Dictionary

The above definition is what most of us probably think of when
we hear the word "passion". And although it is a valid definition,
this definition of passion refers only to physical passion, an
emotion that relates to our Ego.

Physical passion is a fleeting emotion of the physical, material
and mental world which our senses occupy during our current

Physical passion can manifest itself as lust, anger or any other strong
emotion that quickly passes. It is like the flame of a candle blown by
a strong wind that is extinguished long before the candle has been

However, there is another kind of Passion. It is Spiritual Passion.

Spiritual Passion is the Feelings, Desires and Dreams borne by our
Spiritual Nature. And unlike a physical passion that quickly
extinguishes itself in the wind, our Spiritual Passion is like the
slow-burning candle that is located within, and protected by, the
safe confines of a Temple. And the Temple that protects the
slow-burning candle of our Spiritual Passion is that Spiritual Temple
that is our Spiritual Self.

Our Spiritual Passion is the Feelings, Longings, Desires and Dreams
that fill our Soul and consume us. It is a Flame that cannot be
extinguished. And although it can be suppressed, and ignored, the
flame of our Spiritual Passion can never be "blown out".

Although we may feel that our Spiritual Passion must be a grandiose
calling, it is not so. Our Spiritual Passion is not something we are
"fanatical" about, or brag about. It is not something we "think" that
the world "needs" and only we can "provide". Our Spiritual Passion
is the slow-burning candle flame that consumes the majority of our
private Thoughts and feelings. It is that one Spiritual Activity we call
forward and enjoy whenever our "chores" and "obligations" of the
day are completed.

What is it that we revert to at our every opportunity? Is it
Gardening... painting...writing...playing (or composing) music...?

Whatever it is, that is our Spiritual Passion!

And although we may have suppressed it or ignored it for a long time,
it is still burning within us: waiting for us to call it forward and enjoy.

Our Spiritual Passion is our Divine Gift...It is Our Divine Calling!

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