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The Apple - As A Symbol:
(The Secret Vessel of the Five-Pointed Star and the Seeded Vulva)

The Apple:

What is it about the Apple? What caused this fruit to become
such a sacred, magical and enchanting Symbol in the
mythologies and folklores of the world?

We have Johnny Appleseed planting Apples everywhere.

An Apple fell upon the head of Isaac Newton as he was sitting
in the shade of an Apple tree (we should be thankful that
Sir Isaac did not choose to sit under a coconut tree!).

One of the twelve labors of Hercules required that he obtain
an Apple from the nymphs who guarded the Garden of the
Hesperides; thereby gaining him immortality.

King Arthur and Merlin are said to have sailed off to the
blessed Isle of Avalon where they enjoy eternal life.
Avalon is derived from the Welsh word for apple, afal.

And in Christian mythology Eve offers Adam an Apple,
a Forbidden Fruit which grew upon the Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. And though Eve
originally offered Adam "a fruit", this fruit later evolved
into an Apple.

In Greek mythology the Apple is associated with Aphrodite,
the goddess of Love. Also in Greek mythology, the root of the
word apple is associated with the sun god Apollo.

In Chinese mythology the Apple is the Symbol for peace and
the Apple blossom is a Symbol of feminine Beauty.

In mystic literature the Apple tree is Symbolic of the "Tree of
Life" or "Tree of Unity", the other tree which grew in the
Garden of Eden, or Paradise...the "Tree of Immortality" from
which Adam and Eve were permitted to eat.

The Apple tree is often also Symbolic of "The World Tree".

The Apple is a circular fruit. The Circle is a Symbol for "The All",
"The Eternal" and "The Complete". However, many other fruits
are circular: such as the orange, peach, nectarine, grapefruit
and even the grape. So why was the Apple chosen, above all
the other circular fruits, to represent "The All" along with
everything which is contained within "The All"?

The Apple was chosen because within the Apple there is
contained the Five-Pointed Star and the Seeded Vulva which
Symbolize the two aspects which are required for creation in
the material realm.

The Five-Pointed Star:

When we slice an Apple horizontally (width-wise), the Seed
structure at the center of the Apple forms a perfectly
symmetrical Five-Pointed Star.

Five is the number which represents the spiritual and unseen
aspect of life and creation. Within the number Five is
contained the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water
along with the quintessential Fifth Element which is referred
to by the Alchemists as Aether, the Chinese as ki or chi, the
Indian mystics as prana, and the ancient Egyptians as ka.

When Five is viewed in this Numerological manner it consists
of the numbers 4 + 1; the Four Elements plus Aether.

The number Five is represented in Symbolism by the Five-
Pointed Star of the ancient Egyptians; a Symbol which
abounds in their artwork.

We also find the Five-Pointed Star represented by the Chinese
character "da" which esoterically Symbolizes "the superior
[illuminated] person" and in Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man:
the naked man with arms, legs and head outstretched in the
shape of a Five-Pointed Star...all contained within a Circle.

The Five-Pointed Star was also the secret Symbol of Pythagoras
and his followers.

The Seeded Vulva:

When we slice an Apple vertically (length-wise) the core
portion has the shape of the Vulva in which the Seeds are

Symbolically, the feminine Vulva-shape which contains the
masculine Seeds represents the act of creation in the physical
realm. For, in the physical realm, when the masculine Seed
enters the feminine Vulva, creation and life are the result.

The Seeded Vulva Symbolizes the complimentary aspects
of duality which, when joined together, in a Union of Duality,
create life not only in the physical but also the mental realm;
the two realms we experience during our Current Incarnation.


Within the Circular confines of the Apple, "The All", is
contained the Symbolism of the two aspects necessary for
creation in the realm of matter: The Five-Pointed Star
(the spiritual, invisible essence) and the Seeded Vulva (the
material, visible essence).

When these two aspects are joined together, creation (human
life) occurs. This is the mystery which is further Symbolized by
the act of Weaving which is depicted for us by way of the
spinning wheel or loom. The spinning wheel or loom of
mythology and folklore takes two Threads, one Thread
representing the spiritual and the other Thread representing
the material,  and unites these two Threads into one in the
magical and mysterious act which creates a fully functioning
human being.

This is why the Apple, which contains within it the Symbolism
of the spiritual and material aspects of creation, is the
representative fruit of the creative process which we call life.
In the Apple we find, Symbolically, the spiritual (Five-Pointed
Star) and the material (Seeded Vulva) encircled by "The All".

In the material realm we can liken the Union of the Seed and
the Vulva to sexual awakening and physical creation. In the
mental realm, which is a complimentary aspect associated
with a person's physical realm, we can liken the aspects of
the Seed and the Vulva to the conception and fruition of ideas:
ideas (Seeds) which when planted and left to harvest within
the fertile Subconscious (Vulva) create for us new comforts,
achievements, and benefits. And all of this creation, both
physical and mental, contained within the Seeded Vulva is
powered by the mysterious energies Symbolized by the
Five-Pointed Star.

And finally, although the Apple has been associated with
temptation, the Word temptation can also be interpreted
to mean "test". And as a test, the Apple is a test-ament to
who and what we truly are: The power of the spiritual and
the physical aspects of creation all combined into One!

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Unknown said...

This is so interesting. A dream last night included a gift wrapped in paper that was decorated with line drawings of halved apples. The drawings were so beautiful that I kept bringing them go the attention of fhe people around me: "Look at how beautiful these apples are!"
I was so enamored of the wrapping paper that I never got around to opening the gift!
Another strong element in this dream was the number 41!
I found your article while researching ghe symbolism in this dream. Thank you!

Kerrie-Anne said...

This was brilliant, mate. I have been going through the biggest test of my career, and as a way to cope have been taking refuge in yoga. Yesterday coming home from class I found an apple grove along a river not far from my house. Five apples trees of every sort. Fully fruiting. I felt blessed. Now I am sure it is a good omen . Xxx

Kim said...

That is so cool!!!

And.So.It.Iz said...

Thank you, this was beautiful and helpful