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The Goat, The Goat's Horn, and The Bezoar (Symbolism and Mythology)

The Goat, along with the Goat's Horn, provides us with an
abundance of Symbolism and Mythology. The Goat is also a
Metaphor which expresses itself in our daily lives.

The Goat is a sure-footed animal that is as much at home on
mountain slopes and mountain tops as it is on flat ground. In this
aspect, the Goat is a Symbol of agility. And, in its ability to
scale a mountain, it is a Symbol of determination.

The male Goat, because of its reproductive prowess, is a Symbol
of virility, vitality, potency, and stamina.  It therefore represents
the energy of the creative and regenerative Seed: traits which are
expressed in the Mythology and Symbolism of the Greek Goat
God Pan. Pan is the forest Deity that is the creative and
regenerative spirit for all the plant and animal life which inhabit
His domain.

The famale Goat is a Symbol of nurturing and nourishment.

The she-Goat Amalthea is the nurturing Goddess who was the
wet-nurse, or nursemaid, of the Greek God Zeus. From the she-
Goat we also get the Word, Nanny: a term we use today for the
person we charge and entrust with caring for our infants and
young children in our absence.

The milk of the female Goat is a sustenance fed to infants. Its
high quality and nourishment is a Compatible substitute for
mother's milk and for formulas which may not be agreeable to

The Horn of the Goat, both male and female, is both Symbolic
and practical.

It is the Horn of the she-Goat Amalthea, the wet-nurse of Zeus,
which is the Symbolic Cornucopia: the Horn of Plenty, the Horn
of perpetual abundance.

The Horn was also used as a drinking vessel in antiquity and is a
dual Symbol in that it is both masculine and feminine.

When pointed upwards, the Horn is the masculine, penetrating,
and assertive, phallic Symbol. When pointed downwards, it is the
feminine, receptive cup or chalice (womb).

This dual Symbolism, therefore, is representative of the yin/yang
energy. And the the combination of both the upturned Horn along
with the downturned Horn carries the same sacred Symbolism
and Esoteric meaning as the six-pointed "Star of David".

Those of us who are Harry Potter fans are familiar with the Bezoar.
A Bezoar is a stone which grows in the stomach of animals.
Bezoars removed from a Goat were considered the most potent
and were ground up and used as elixirs and antidotes for poisoning.

Bezoars were sought because they were believed to have the
power of a universal antidote against any poison. It was believed
that a drinking glass which contained a Bezoar would neutralize
any poison poured into it. The word "bezoar" comes from the
Persian pâdzahr (پادزهر), which literally means "protection from
poison." (from:
As we can see, the Goat is not only a Symbolic and Mythological
creature, it is also an animal which provides practical and nutritional
benefits to mankind. And it is easy to understand why this animal
was so honored and cherished by ancient cultures throughout the

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