Sunday, June 19, 2011

Non-Conformity and the Non-Conformist

"Society is jealous of those who remain away from it."
- Joseph Campbell

"Whosoever shall be a man must be a non-conformist."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As an analysis of "Conformity and the Conformist" has already
been explored in a previous article, let us now turn our attention
to Non-Conformity and the Non-Conformist.

The Non-Conformist is the exact opposite of the Conformist. The
Non-Conformist looks at life entirely different than does the
Conformist. The Non-Confirmist lives his, or her, life by a set of
rules which are designed to both protect, and cultivate, their
personal Sovereignty and independent Thought.

Where the Conformist is easily swayed by Intimidation, "guilt
trips", and the false expectations and Opinions of others, the
Non-Conformist understands that these gimmicks are simply
levers which are used to manipulate the masses and to move
people in certain pre-ordained directions. Therefore, the Non-
Conformist is eternally vigilant so as to avoid these societal

Where the Conformist fears being exiled from a group, organization,
or even a segment of society (should their views, attitudes, and
behaviors not fall in line with the required expectations of these
entities) the Non-Conformist harbors no such fears; for the Non-
Conformist is much too busy blazing his, or her, own unique
Path into a new, uncharted, and Adventurous future.

Where the Conformist cringes at the prospect of not "fitting in", or
being ridiculed and gossiped about, The Non-Conformist finds these
everyday nuisances laughably unimportant. For the Non-Conformist
understands that personal Destiny is far more important than
the everyday bickerings of the masses.

The Non-Conformist values their individual Thoughts, unique
feelings, personal Sovereignty, mental expansion, and spiritual
pursuits far too highly to succumb to the fleeting and clouded
whims of the mainstream horde. A horde which is so often, and
so proudly, on the wrong side of so many important issues..

The Non-Conformist loathes giving up even one miniscule bit of
their Sovereignty and Free Will. To do so would be to go against,
and violate, their Divine Nature and Spiritual Principles.

For the Divine Nature of the Non-Conformist abhors the threat of
Sovereign damage that Conformity can bring unto it. And this,
in itself, makes it impossible for the Non-Conformist to voluntarily
Conform to the often misguided rules and false expectations of
other persons, groups, factions, organizations, and even society

The Non-Conformist watches from afar as the massive parade of
humanity passes by in its ceaseless march toward folly, Ignorance,
Self-Deception, and Self-Imposed Limitations.

Great advancements and achievements cannot be born from the
Conformist. Evolutionary, and revolutionary, achievements are
born from the Lone Wolf, the Trailblazer, Wizards and Wanderers,
and all Seekers who pursue new Horizons. For these are the True
Individuals who bask in the primeval sunshine, breathe the rarified
air, and walk the untrodden Paths which are only to be found in the
domain of the Non-Conformist.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2011
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Dead Blog said...

Your works are excellent and very deep! Thanks for enlightening people!

Rising Phenoix said...

Please continue to write. I enjoy every post and gain much esoteric insight. Peace to you!