Sunday, December 19, 2010

Appearances And Perceptions

"Trust not too much to appearances."
- Virgil

"The fish sees only the bait, not the hook."
- Chinese proverb

Why is it that we are so ready to unconditionally judge the inner,
and unseen, contents of a box or package based solely upon its
outer gift wrapping?

Why is it that we so readily accept the words of some "expert"
or "authority" simply because these Words are presented to
us by someone who is stylishly groomed, impeccably dressed,
and is in possession of some "recognized credentials"?

Why is it that we trust in, and unquestionably Believe, the many
arguments, dogmas, and Indoctrinations which are served to us
by way of attractive "packaging" which is designed by, and
delivered to us by way of, self-serving individuals, groups, and

Over time, society has created a materialistic measuring scale
for us to use when making Decisions. This measuring scale has
conditioned us to perceive that the more attractive a person, a
cause, or thing appears, the more we should unquestionably rely
upon it as being trustworthy, desirable, and True.

In other words, we have been Indoctrinated into believing that
illusion should be accepted as Truth, and that Truth, which is
seldom, if ever, presented to us by way of sparkle and glitter,
should be ridiculed, discredited, and ignored.

This is why it is so easy to manipulate, and Deceive, the masses.
Manipulation and Deception simply require an attractively
camouflaged appearance, a well-baited hook, for them to be accepted
as valid by most members of society.

And after we have willingly allowed ourselves to be tricked by
some cutely packaged scheme or promotion, we say to ourselves:
"I should have known better".

But how does this happen to us? Why do we allow ourselves
to be tricked, manipulated, and deceived by attractive Words,
well-groomed "experts", and tantalizing promotions? Why is it that
we do not 'know better' right from the start?

The answer is quite simple. Slowly, over time, and without even
being aware of it, we have been taught to become complacent,
lazy, and impatient. We have been "nudged" into relinquishing
our Sovereign responsibility to fully research and investigate
the Choices, Decisions, and dilemmas that constantly confront
us as we Journey through our Current Incarnation. We have been
"baited" into relying upon others to make important Decisions
for us regarding our personal well-being. We have agreed to
accept Indoctrination as a replacement for Self-Instruction. We
have been led to Believe that Appearance and Perception are the
only "tools" we need we need to consider when making our

And although we may be cunningly convinced by methods of
Appearance and Perception when making our Choices and
Decisions, deep down within ourselves most of us know that
Appearance and Perception, by themselves, very seldom lead
us to Truth, Wisdom, Happiness and Harmony.

This is why, in Myth and Legend, Oracles, Omens, Wise Sages,
and Master Teachers, who are plainly dressed and soft-spoken,
speak their Truths only once. And when these Truths are spoken
they are left to fall upon the ears of those few who are ready to
receive them. That which is True, Wise, Honest, and Harmonious
does not rely upon any Appearance and Perception created by way
of sparkle and glitter.

Ancient Teachings continually remind us that Truth, Wisdom,
Honesty, Harmony, and Compatibility are always standing right
before us in all of their undeceptive and common Simplicity, and
few of us ever take the Time to give these longed-for Treasures a
second look.

(See also: "Beauty - Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty" and
"Masquerade - The Masks We Wear")

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1 comment:

Metamorphose said...

Thank you for putting these thoughts in writing.
I wish I had some of these truths when I was 20, but "the teacher will appear when the student is ready". Sometimes you have to learn a lesson yourself firsthand, for it to click for you.

You are not alone in your beliefs.