Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wizards and Wanderers - As Symbols

"Not all those who wander are lost."
- "The Hobbit", J.R.R. Tolkien

Throughout Time and within the fables and mythologies of all
cultures we hear of Wizards and Wanderers who roam free and
occasionally assist a worthy soul in pursuing and accomplishing
a noble Quest.

Wizards and Wanderers are cast from a rare and special mold.
They are the true individuals who cannot "settle down" to the
conformities and dictates of society. These individuals remain
eternally free of the restrictions and demands which society
imposes upon its unwary and all-to-compliant subjects.

Wizards and Wanderers smirk at the folly of being imprisoned in
Towers of Self-Imposed Limitations and instead Choose to roam
and Travel wherever they wish - or to wherever they are currently
needed. They are the Seekers of Truth and Wisdom and are
constantly pursuing new Adventures and new Horizons.

Wizards and Wanderers are open-minded and are continuously
acquiring new knowledge, new skills, new understandings, and new
magic. And it is because of these acquired talents and abilities that
they are able to form strong bonds and extraordinary friendships
with like-minded individuals, mystical beings, and the Elemental
Entities of Nature.

Wizards and Wanderers are the Independent Thinkers, dreamers,
and doers who are labeled as Non-Conformists and rebels by the
mundane masses; labels and badges which they gladly accept,
and wear, with a self-comforting pride.

Wizards and Wanderers are very comfortable with their Chosen
life style. They are able to live on their wits and they savor their
ability to do so. These true individuals bear the scars of their Travels
proudly; scars acquired during their many tests and journeys while
in far-away places, less-Traveled environments, and unusual realms;
scars of growth and Adventure.

Wizards and Wanderers understand that they are "in this world but
not of it". They find comfort in knowing that their Quest is noble
and their vision remains forever focused upon the Higher Cause.
Perhaps this is why so many of us secretly desire to share an
Adventure with one of these truly free-spirits and eventually
Become a part of their very limited, very unique, and very
legendary order.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. This has not been revealed to you by flesh and blood. It resonates with my spirit.
What a beautiful life! We are seekers of life, we are seekers of freedom, we are eagles under the sky, we are protectors and prophets, we serve the small, we serve our Mother, we are bringers and givers, we are greatly blessed for our hearts, and the fruits that we bring.

My only wish is that such wisdom would be easier for my back. I wish there were more like us, so we could share the payload.

Your site is important.
Blessings from Norway.


Starburst said...

How beautiful...maybe there's a little of this in all of us, lived or yet to be lived.