Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lone Wolf - As A Symbol

"Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne,
He travels the fastest who travels alone."

-Rudyard Kipling

Although wolves normally live, travel, and hunt in packs,
occasionally a young wolf will Choose to leave the pack and set out
on its own. As a result, this Lone Wolf usually grows to be much
stronger, and more cunning, than the average wolf which is a
member of a pack. The Lone Wolf is an archetype, a metaphor,
a Symbol for freedom, independence and Self-Reliance.

When used to describe a person, the term Lone Wolf is conferred
upon a person who is an Individual in the Truest sense of the word.
The Lone Wolf is someone who prefers to work alone, is Self-Reliant
and enjoys the peace and contentment of his, or her, own solitude.
The Lone Wolf lives by his, or her, own rules: rules which are in
Harmony with Universal Laws and its own personal Divine Nature.

The Lone Wolf is independent of, and distances itself from,
the petty bickerings, expectations, demands, mediocrities and
unfulfilled dreams of other people, groups or organizations. In
other words, The Lone Wolf is not tethered to "the pack".

By thinking and acting alone, The Lone Wolf acquires superior
cunning, agility, imagination and skills unknown to members of
"the pack". He, or she, has a deep spiritual respect for their own
individual Sovereignty, they experience true Independence,
and are a slave to no master. The Lone Wolf enjoys holding its
head up high while it breathes in the fresh, sweet air of Freedom
and Individuality.

In addition to Individuality, The Lone Wolf is also a metaphor for
Awareness and the Detached Mind. He, or she, is an observer of
Events and Actions and foresees their outcomes well in advance.
Thus The Lone Wolf is able to act with swiftness and sureness
at the appropriate moment.

An armada can only travel as fast as its slowest ship. In the same
way that the slowest ship slows down the armada, so do rules,
by-laws, committees and petty bickering bog down the Decisions
and actions of groups, organizations, corporations and society -
"the pack".

The Lone Wolf, by its very nature, sets itself aside from, and is
immune to, these kinds of behaviors. And while "the pack" is
consumed with analyzing, Debating, re-debating, and
Compromising, the Lone Wolf is evaluating ideas and Events and
is ready to act with dispatch and nimbleness.

The Lone Wolf is the epitome of the Individual Mind, which, except
for Divinity, is perhaps the most powerful force in the Universe. The
Lone Wolf decides and acts while "the pack" wonders and guesses
about its next move.

In the Tarot deck, Lone Wolf is represented by two cards: The Fool,
which Symbolizes the young Lone Wolf, and The Hermit, which
Symbolizes the Wizened Lone Wolf. These two cards are the
archetypes, or Symbols, for those persons who choose not to follow
in the footsteps of conformity.

The Lone Wolf is often branded as the "rebel" who refuses to bow
to the monotony of conventional foolishness. And, although
outwardly ridiculed and shunned by "the pack", the Lone Wolf is
also envied by many who dare not admit it. For it is the Sovereign
Lone Wolf who stands alone, in all of his (or her) glory, who has
chosen, and is Destined to experience, the Adventure of life with all
of its Simplicity, Beauty, and Mystery.

(See also: "Non-Conformity and the Non-Conformist")

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Tri Wellness said...

Thank you so much for this I never really researched what the term meant until today when I was gonna deny it in my FB status I always thought a lone wolf was something negative or too Alpha to play with others considering they are pack animals. It is a term often used when people refered to me and I took it as an insult until I read your article. It is actually very much me and I now posted my FB status as "embracing being a Lone Wolf" and when I go get my next tat which are all symbolic of my life I will get that wolf hollowing at the moon. Thank you so much for this it made my day

Francesco said...

nicely written, I enjoyed every line.
so doen't this lone wolf archetype have any flaws at all?

Bobbie D said...

Joe, thank you so much for sharing this very helpful, profoundly wise, uplifting, empowering, inspiring and soul-igniting post.

Your words of wisdom are like cosmic music of harmony to my ears.

You are truly a gift to humanity and beyond, and I have no doubt that your authentic Being, wonderful talents, and BIG Heart will continue to send out ripples to tsunami waves of loving energies to this Universe and beyond.

Continue to shine your bright and blazing Light and Love for all to bask in.

Have an exciting and relaxing week soul brother. ^_^ <3 <3 <3 Bobbie

Unknown said...

Thank you! The lone wolf's "flaws" are Positive Arrogance 😇!!! I have lived it my whole life. Solitude is best than spending time with pety minds for the sake of company.

Unknown said...

I come from a family that is all about bickering and ranking. I began to pull away many many years ago when I was still quite young because I didn't believe in their way. Before my father passed away recently, my oldest brother called me the lone wolf and with pride I acknowledged this. I have a tatt of a wolf in attack mode with druel dripping from the mouth, ready to defend my actions. I am very independent spiritual and very observant. As I said when my father passed away recently again my oldest brother asked me "you the lone wolf" with a smile I replied "yep I am" at that point I guess I didn't fully comprehend what it meant to be a lone wolf. I love wolves so I took this as a complement not an insult. I enjoy my own company so I guess reading this article was more so acknowledgement of what I already knew. This article it was very helpful I now understand why I am a lone wolf. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you its good to finally understand what it means to be a lone wolf.

Unknown said...

all but one line
I liked thanx

Unknown said...

I agree with every word of the article.
I never knew the wxact meaning of the word.
But i call myself a lonewolf.
And now i know i was right.
I have almost all of these traits in me.
Work alone, no organization.
Live alone, no friends.
And rebel to the convetional ways of living in our culture.
I question and stand against the authority when its against my will.

Unknown said...

Lonewolf has its flaws too.
But his strength cover all the flaws.
Being a loner, he is at risk of attack all the.
But he is more alert, strong, active and a thinker.
His enemies usually fear him very much.
And never dare to attack.
Being the lonewolf, i feel so much strength.
Its immence.
I feel like i can bring down mountains.

Unknown said...

Im' a lone wolf and your text perfectly describes me. I'm alone and love it. I'm apart from society and don't want to be a member of it. I observe and am detached but I'm alarmed at where society is going. I'm not going there. I write books, create inventions and even created a method of inventing. I investigate electronics, mineral extraction, navigation, astronomy, physics, history and the future. I adore God's creation and know that I am important.

I'm self-reliant, resourceful, intelligent and courageous. I'm a lone wolf.

Robert Charles.