Sunday, July 26, 2009


"First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do."

"A man is what he thinks about all day long."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have dreams, feelings and desires. And it is how we have
Chosen to use, or misuse, these Gifts that determines the person
we are and the Path we are Traveling.

If we are dissatisfied with the Path we are Traveling today, all we
need to do is Change it. By doing so, we can be Traveling along a
completely new, and unique, Path tomorrow.

Every one of us is bestowed with the Inalienable Gift of Free Will.
An Inalienable Gift is a permanent, personal Gift which can neither
be transferred to another nor taken away from us. This Gift of Free
Will allows us to Choose, and be responsible for, the kind of life we

And, just as we can use our Free Will to Choose the kind of life we
desire to live, and the type person we want to Become, we can also
use our Free Will to avoid making these same Choices. When we
refuse to make our own Choices we have, in fact, made a Choice;
we have Chosen not to act.

While Choosing to act on our own behalf gives us control of, and
responsibility for, our Actions, Choosing not to act on our own
behalf relinquishes control of our Actions and places us at the
mercy of external Events. And, just as we are responsible for our
Actions, we are also responsible for our non-Actions!

With these Principles in mind, how can we use our Free Will to
Become whatever it is that we dream of Becoming?

It all starts with a firm realization that our current lifestyle is not
Harmonious with who we truly are, coupled with an unwavering
commitment to Seek out only that which is in complete Harmony
with our Divine Nature.

Once we have made, and are comfortable with, our Decision and
commitment we are ready to embark upon our process of Change.

It is important to keep in mind that Change is a process. Change
does not happen to us "overnight"; it occurs one step at a Time.

The rules of Change are relatively simple. We form a mental image
of the person we have an unwavering desire to Become, then we
acquire the skills, knowledge, behavior, and qualities that this
person would possess.

We Think as this person would Think; we Speak as this person would
Speak; we Learn what this person would Learn; we read what this
person would read; we associate with only those types of individuals
whom this person would associate with; and, we feel and act as this
person would feel and act.

When we merely dream of bettering ourselves, yet we do nothing to
bring this Change about, we are acting contrary to the "Laws of
Becoming". When we know we can be much better, yet we agree
to Compromise for much less, our mind Becomes split in two
different directions and we end up sending conflicting messages to
the Universe, which is the "Great Provider". Consequently our
dreams, visions and desires cannot be fulfilled. It is only when our
dreams, Thoughts, and Actions are in Harmony with each other
that we are able to create that which we desire to Become.

We can always complain, or use the excuse, that times are tough;
that we don't possess the skills; or that we were born into the
"wrong" family. Yet, at this very moment, there is someone sitting
in a garage, or attic, or basement somewhere, who is working on a
new idea or invention. This person is not concerned about the
economy, or which political party is in office, or what skills they do
not yet possess. This person is Simply focusing on their task at
hand and step-by-step he, or she, is bringing their dream into
reality...into Becoming!

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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Elle said...

I love how simple you say things. I'll keep on reading "into" your blog. Owe <3