Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Seeker

"Of all the communities available to us,
there is not one I would want to devote
myself to except for the society of the
true seekers, which has very few living
members at any one time."

-Albert Einstein

The personality, spirituality and actions of The True Seeker can
easily be Symbolized by two cards in the Tarot deck: "The Fool"
and "The Hermit". The True Seeker is a union of these two
archetypes: combining aspiration, imagination and Adventure
with Insight, Awareness and Wisdom: a rare combination indeed!

True Seekers Travel their own Path. Although they may appear
to be simply prancing through life with excitement on their face
and a gleam in their eyes they are always alert and aware. And,
because the Decisions and Actions of The True Seeker are based
upon Awareness, Insight and Wisdom he, or she, is not easily
swayed by the slogans, cliches and false-crusades which govern,
and bog down, the masses. The True Seeker harkens only to the
call of new Adventures, new imaginings and new Wisdoms.

The True Seeker understands the Cycles of Eternity and realizes
that Change is eternal, that everything created by man is short-
lived, and that today's fact is but tomorrow's fallacy.

True Seekers understand the importance of being "true to their
Word", their Promises. This characteristic enables them to attract
like-minded others into their lives while also preventing undesirable
Consequences from disturbing their Journey.

The True Seeker is a Lone Wolf who is highly protective of his, or
her, personal Sovereignty while at the same time understanding and
respecting the individual Sovereignty of others.

The True Seeker is Aware of the many Destinies that he, or she,
will encounter during their Travels. These include the Destinies of
cities, factions, nations and worlds. This Awareness provides The
True Seeker the Wisdom to Choose whether or not to participate
in the Adventures and Destinies of others.

The True Seeker understands that he, or she, was placed into
their Current Incarnation in order to experience and enjoy the
Fruits, pleasures and comforts of their earthly Journey. However,
the True Seeker also realizes that these Fruits, pleasures and
comforts are but short-lived material enjoyments that must be
Balanced by the pursuit of Spiritual Wisdom.

And finally, The True Seeker knows that there are only a few
other True Seekers occupying this planet at any given Time.
Therefore, The True Seeker takes comfort in his, or her, own
aloneness, Thoughts, imaginings, Adventures, pursuits and dreams.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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Rising Phenoix said...

Thank you for keeping this website open. It has come in handy for a True Seeker like myself. :)

TheWayOfTheBadger said...

For Those With Ears To Hear