Sunday, February 15, 2009


"To seek, beneath the universal strife,
the hidden harmony of things."

-Will Durant

Harmony is that Divine Principle which can be best described
as being in Alignment or Balance with one's Self and one's

There are two types of Harmony: Spiritual Harmony and
Material Harmony.

Spiritual Harmony refers to being in Alignment, or Balance,
with our Internal Environment: our Personality, our Divine Nature.
When we are in Spiritual Harmony we experience feelings of
Peace and Contentment. These are the Times we are most relaxed.
These are the times we feel free of stress and anxiety. These are
the times when our Concentration and Awareness become
elevated to their highest states.

Material Harmony refers to being in Alignment, or Balance,
with our external environment: the outer physical world of our
Current Incarnation.

When we are in Alignment with our external environment our
personal Relationships, our careers, our tasks, and our Adventures,
flow smoothly. These are the times that we say that we are "in a
groove", "in sync", and "going with the flow".

It is only when we attempt to "buck the flow" of what is happening
in our external environment that we experience resistance,
frustration and dis-Harmony.

But, what can we do to maintain a state of both Spiritual and
Material Harmony? First of all, let's analyze this Divine Principle
of Harmony so we can better understand it.

Harmony is the opposite of Discord. Discord refers to chaos,
confusion, and Force. Therefore the Simplest way for us to achieve
a state of Harmony is to eliminate all things in our Thoughts,
personal life, and surroundings, that allow Discord to enter our lives.

We can accomplish this by way of a very simple Alchemical Process.
We first eliminate, then avoid, all Thoughts, persons, situations,
and Events, that create any kind of strife, confusion, and stress
for us.

We avoid forcing external issues to work out the way we "think"
they should be. We accept the forces of Nature, and of the
Universe, for what they are...the Natural Cycles of Eternity.
We accept, and work along with these Natural Cycles and Rhythms
in both our internal and external environments.

Once we eliminate all Thoughts, activities, and persons from our
lives that are impure, confusing, and uncertain, we are left only with
Thoughts, activities, and persons, that are pure, understandable,
clear, and Harmonious. Upon completing this Alchemical cleansing
process we can then experience Peace and Contentment in both our
internal and external environments. It is then that we can finally
experience Harmony!

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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LumarĂ­ said...

Harmony always,i like see,today...
harmonia agora e sempre, no universo e no intimo pessoal...