Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fog - As A Symbol

Whereas, Symbolically, the Veil symbolizes hidden Truths and
mysteries, and Mist symbolizes distorted vision and Perception,
Fog Symbolizes Confusion, Danger, and the Unseen. Fog is a thick
cloud that confounds us and causes us to lose our sense of direction.
These definitions of Fog pertain not only to the element of Fog in
the physical world, but also to the metaphor for Fog in our mental

In the physical world, we have all heard stories of multiple-car
accidents that occur when motorists speed blindly into a thick
patch of Fog, unable to see the obstacles on the Road before them.

Likewise, we have also heard of pilots flying their planes into
mountains while attempting to blindly maneuver through a patch
of Fog that confronts them.

The danger and confusion that Fog can present us with in the
physical world is the same kind of danger and confusion that
Fog can present us with in our mental world.

When referring to the mental realm we have cliches that serve
as metaphors to describe the confusion and uncertainty that the
"cloud of Fog" represents. Metaphors such as "His judgement was
clouded", or, "Her mind was in a Fog", describe the confusion and
lack of clarity that baffle us when we try to make a Decision without
being able to "see" all the facts.

Fog is dangerous. Fog hides things from us...usually the Truth.

When we find our judgement "clouded", or our mind in a "Fog",
what we are really experiencing is the Universe telling us that
the Time is not yet right for us to make a Decision on whatever
it is that we are "Foggy" and confused about. It is telling us that
we should wait until all the facts become visible and clear. Any
Decisions we make with a Foggy mind will be fraught with disaster
and ruin.

In the physical world the Sun eventually burns away the Fog,
enabling us to see everything clearly. The same holds true, and
serves as a metaphor, for the mental realm. By exercising patience
and avoiding making Decisions with an unclear mind, we will find
that our mental Sun (Illumination) will eventually burn away our
mental Fog (confusion). This allows us to "see" everything clearly
and enables us to make our Decision with a clear, unclouded

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MB said...

Hello Joe, After my surgery I did a lot of thinking about the Dew of Hermon and brothers being able to gather together. It says the dew was more like a fog or mist coming down the mountain. So I can to your site to look for the topic of dew, fog, water. I really enjoyed the article and I will be using it and I will quote it in an up coming presentation. Thank you for the information. MB, Las Vegas.