Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marinating Our Thoughts

How does Creativity manifest within us?

Mark Twain would come to a point in writing a book where his
mind became "stuck". Try as he may, he could not find the right
Words, or Thoughts, to complete his manuscript. The harder he
tried to work through this mental barrier, the more resistance and
frustration he would experience. He finally Learned that this was a
time to put the manuscript away for a few months and pursue
something else. When he came back to this manuscript several
months later, he found that he could "breeze" through the remaining
part of his book and finish the story with very little effort.

Isaac Newton would work himself to exhaustion on an experiment.
At a certain point he too became "stuck" and his mind could go no
further. He would then release all Thoughts and efforts regarding
this experiment and wait for the answer to come to him at its own
appropriate Time.

These two Geniuses realized that their minds could only go "so far,
so fast", and that once they reached the point of resistance they
needed to "let the problem go" in order for it to resolve itself.

We have all experienced similar situations in our own lives. We
encounter a Mental Barrier in one of our tasks. The answer,
the solution, evades our every attempt to solve it. We're "stuck".
We "push". Nothing happens.

Up to this point, we have been feeding an enormous amount of
information into our mind. We have been feeding this information
into our mind faster that it is capable of processing and
understanding it. At some point our mind tells us to Stop!
It needs Time to "catch up" with all the information and ideas
we have been feeding it. It needs Time to Marinate.

In the same way that the proper ingredients must be slowly
simmered together to create a great stew, or a great sauce, so
must our mind properly simmer all of the ingredients recently
thrown into it in order for it to give us its finished product.
Once the mind's work is done, the answer will come to us.

The universe operates at its own pace: it is a process. It will
complete its task at the "appropriate" time. It is not concerned
with any "deadlines" that we may impose.

And although we are anxious to solve, or create, things "as soon
as possible", we must understand that there is a process involved
in everything we pursue. This process cannot be rushed, it can only
be understood and savored.

So the next time we experience a mental barrier in one of our
efforts, let's understand it for exactly what it is. It is a Time for our
mind to Marinate the information we have thrown into it. It's a Time
for us to walk away from our mental stove, relax, and let Our
Subconscious simmer all the ingredients. When Our Subconscious
is done with its simmering we will have its final, finished product
...Our Answer!

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Joseph Panek said...

Hello, Betty;
Thank you for your kind words.
It's good to know that you appreciate my effort

Reema Thunderbolt said...

I must say, this concept of "marinating" has really helped me a lot! When I read this first, I began understanding and accepting the parts of my life that were "empty" and a blur for me. Thank you sooo very much for this word! In one shot, it transforms all the inexplicable frustrating stormy weather into a calm accepting serene and a magical one! It truly has helped me be more open to the Universal energies! It's like having a conversation with the Universe and I must thank you for being a light here!