Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Arrow - Symbol For Thoughts

Symbolically, the Arrow represents Thought. Symbols associated
with Sacred Teachings are very ancient. Therefore, we must first
understand the nature of those distant Times before we can un-Veil
the meanings of the symbols that were used during those Times.

In ancient Times, nothing Traveled faster than an Arrow.
An Arrow could bring down the swiftest bird or the most powerful
beast. An Arrow could also Travel great distances very quickly.

An Arrow gets to the "heart of the matter" by first piercing the
outer layer of protection of the target it is aimed at. When an Archer
had spent his old Arrow he would reach into his quiver and selects a
new one.

Thoughts, like Arrows, are powerful and swift. Thoughts are
created instantly! Nothing Travels faster than Thought. With
Thought we can instantly Travel great distances of Time, space,
and dimension. Our Thoughts can revisit old Relationships, walk on
the moon, or travel to the farthest reaches of outer space.

Our Thoughts can also "see" things before they are created.
Novels, houses, music, ideas and inventions are Thoughts before
they can become reality.

When solving a problem, our Thoughts first pierce the outer shell
of mystery that hides the solution from us. Once this outer shell
is pierced our Thoughts proceed to the "heart of the matter" and
the problem is solved.

If we are unsatisfied with our current Thought all we have to do
is reach into our Mental Quiver and pull out a new Thought; a new
Mental Arrow. We can do this in an instant!

We are the Archer. We have an unlimited number of Thoughts in
our Mental Quiver. All we have to do is select our most fascinating
Thought and let it fly in any direction we Choose.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2008
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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I have been seeing arrows this evening and i was looking for a deeper meaning withing myself but couldn't grab any intense meaning and when i landed here, it felt like i found the missing puzzle piece. Thank you for writing it, for knowing it, expressing it.
namaste! said...

Thanks, this is such amazing info!! I have just dreamed about a wooden arrow last night... and finding your post was so insightful! Thanks! And happy 2019!!

Christina McCormick said...

You have no idea how serendipitous it is to find this. Appreciate your insights.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this beautiful insight. Very philosophical and well composed.